Flex Series

8300 FFP3 NR D

  • Exhalation Valve: No
  • Colors: White / Orange
  • Protection Level (acc. to NPF):50 X OEL
  • Virus Protection: Yes
  • CE Certified: Yes
  • FFP3 masks provide a minimum of 99% protection against solid particles of 0.30 micron in size, microorganisms and viruses.
  • Complies with EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standards.
  • Approval Est. 2841
Usage Area

Building, Ship Building, Pharmaceutical Industry, Engineering, Iron and Steel, Agriculture, Coal Mining, Medical, Hospital, Droplet Aeresols, Protein Molecules, Virusses, Bacteria Fungi and Spores, Asbesto's Fibers, etc.

8300 FFP3 NR D
  • NR Non Reusable (disposable) R Reusable. D (Dolomite) Meets the clogging resistance requirements V Exhalation valve
  • Instructions for useInstructions for use
    Check the selected mask before entering it. As in Figure 3, take a breath and test for leaks. If there is a leak, perform the reassembly operation as shown in figure 1-2-3-4. At least 19.5% oxygen should be present in the study area. Otherwise, the mask cannot be used. Do not use the mask in places such as airless wells, warehouses and warehouses where there is not enough oxygen. Masks do not provide protection against gas and steam. Immediately replace the mask as soon as there is a significant level of breathing resistance to the working environment.
  • Choose the best product for your working environment. Follow the instructions in the operating instructions specified by the manufacturer. Adjust the mask according to how it is used. Check that the mask is suitable for your face as shown in figure 3 In order for the mask to be very good with the user, the user should not have a beard, a mustache and a scar on the face and head. In such cases, it will not be appropriate to use the mask as it will leak.
  • For protection against solids and liquid aerosols. Do not use against volatile aerosols. Select the appropriate degree of protection. Not used in explosive areas. Single use. Must be discarded after use.
  • Do not replace or repair any parts on the mask. Replace the mask immediately if damaged. Do not use products with shelf-life. Protect the mask from dust and dirt for short use.
  • Keep the mask as supplied by the manufacturer. The temperature of the storage area should be between -20° C and + 40° C. The storage humidity must be at most 80%.
    Warning Figure - 1
    Read the Operating Instructions.
    Warning Figure - 2
    Storage Temperature Range
    Warning Figure - 3
    Shelf Life
    Warning Figure - 4
    Storage Humidity